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Flavro helps you discover new recipes, explore unique cuisines, create flavor compositions, and find the perfect drink pairings, to mega boost your creativity in the kitchen.

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Awesome Features

Discover New Recipes

Unique recipe search using food pairings, based on user ratings + pantry search based on what ingredients you have at home.

Explore Exotic Foods

Use the World Cuisine Explorer to go on a digital culinary journey across the globe. Learn about herbs and spices + sauces from all over the world

Create Flavor Compositions

Search through thousands of ingredients and select the best pairings to save a new composition and create your own recipe ideas.

Find Wine & Beer Pairings

Use the pairing tools to find the perfect wine or beer match for your next meal or reverse search to find a food match to your beverage.

Master Spice Knowledge

Search through hundreds of herbs & spices, and use the filter tool to learn which ingredients, regions, flavors, and blends go well together.

Learn new Techniques

Select your base ingredients and desired textures to find the best cooking techniques.



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